Delicious MMO Recipes

Here are several incredibly delicious recipes that Mountain Momma developed for our customers.  These recipes utilize our Soup Mix Kits as their base.  They can be used to make a healthy and nutritious entree or side dish.  The summer salads provide a great way to keep healthy legumes in your diet all year round.  They’re particularly suited for family reunions and covered-dish events. (You’ll be the hit of the town). The Hillybilly Lentil Meat Loaf is a meat-free vegetarian entree that will really impress.  Serve your family and friends an amazing, delicious, and healthy meal!! Email us if you have a questions.  We’re here to help make your next family meal a great success.

Black Bean Avocado Summer Salad

French Green Lentil Thyme Summer Salad

Cranberry Lovers Basil Summer Salad

Hillbilly Lentil Meatloaf (meat-free)

Anasazi Tropical Summer Salad