Cinnamon Lover’s Granola Cereals


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Cinnamon Lover’s Granola Cereal:  Fresh Baked Granola Cereal weighing in at a big 16 ounces (1 pound each).   Handmade from 100% certified organic ingredients.  Our cereals are very fresh and great to eat as a cereal or on the go snack.  Our customers love our cereals and so will you!!!  This cereal is identical to our Brown Sugar and Maple Granola Cereal, except it includes additional cinnamon to give an awesome flavor.

BTW:  All of our herbs and spices are not only strictly organic ingredients, but they’re also medicinal grade.  Notice that the cinnamon we use is Ceylon Sweet Cinnamon, which is considered the best cinnamon for health use.

Ingredients:  Rolled Oats*, Maple Syrup*, Pecans*, Almonds*, Light Brown Sugar*, Coconut Oil*, Golden Flax Seed*, Shredded Coconut*,  Sweet Cinnamon*, Vanilla*.

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Gluten Free, Regular


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