Hot Infused Honey (mild heat)


Our herb infused honeys are great to sweeten teas and have many culinary uses.  Organic Dried Chili Peppers make a nice gentle heat in your honey.  The uses are only limited by your imagination.  We have tried it on numerous dishes where we weren’t sure how it would turn out.  We’ve not once been disappointed.   This honey is a mild heat.  We were more interested in depth of flavor versus burning people’s mouths.  We think you’ll love it!

Large jar is 10.7 oz.

Medium jar is 5.8 oz.

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Hot Honey Ingredients: Organic Raw Honey, Organic Dried Chili Peppers.  Our HOT honey is a very mild heat.  It has an awesome depth of flavor that continuously evolves in your mouth like a good wine.  But it’s not about burning your mouth.  Use  our Hot Infused Honey on salad, pizza, cornbread, as a dip or marinade for vegetables, pair with chicken, flavor a stir-fry,  drizzle over ice cream or any dessert, or use in cocktails.

We make our unique Hot Infused Honey using USDA Certified Organic Herbs and USDA Certified Organic Raw Honey.   They are pure with no additives.  We infuse the herb into the honey over a several month period.  We do not use heat or filter the honey or the finished product.   These are full tinctured infusions where both the medicinal essence and flavor of the herb is transferred to the honey which acts as the extraction agent.

Don’t throw away your crystallized (solidified) raw honey.  Raw honey will solidify over time and this accelerates at lower temperatures.  Do not refrigerate your honey. Store it in the pantry or cupboard shelf in a warm place. To re-liquefy, place the jar in the warm sunshine, or crack the lid open and place in a pan of warm water (110-120 degrees F is about right).  Your honey will magically turn back to a beautiful brown gold liquid and look like the day you bought it!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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