MountainTop™️ Vegan Chili Kit


6 Servings (1 cup each)

100% Certified Organic Ingredients, Vegan, Gluten Free, No Added Sugar, No MSG, No Wheat, No GMO, No Dairy, No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives.   Our chili mix is also considered Low Fat, Saturated Fat Free (total Fat 0.5g per serving), Cholesterol Free, Excellent Source of Dietary Fiber, Excellent Source of Protein, Excellent Source of Vitamin A, Excellent Source of Vitamin C, Good Source of Iron.

MMO’s MountainTop Chili Kit is delicious and hardy. Water is the only required additional ingredient!




A West Virginia Appalachian style hearty Vegan Chili Kit with mild to medium heat, and rich in flavor.   Just add water.

MMO’s MountainTop Vegan Chili Kit with Black Beans, Kidney Beans, and Sun Dried Tomatoes, is a complete kit.  Just add water and cook it up!   Our Vegan Chili Kit includes a hand-made seasoning and vegetable packet chocked-full of Mountain Momma’s mix of delicious dried vegetables, herbs and spices and a second packet with Sun Dried Tomatoes.   Easily prepare our delicious Vegan Chili Mix on the stove top.   We believe this is the best tasting vegan chili mix on the market today.   Hint: If you prefer your chili to be thicker, after the beans have softened, remove lid and simmer (reducing the water) until reaching the desired consistency.

Don’t short yourself on nutrition!   Traditional cultures took great care to prepare their legumes (beans, peas, and lentils) with a long soak before cooking to enhance digestibility and nutrient absorption.   We know today that biologically an extended room temperature soak brings the seeds out of quiescence (sleep) causing them to begin the transformation from seed to plant (sprouting).   This is important for our nutrition since during this transformation tightly bound nutrients are released and converted to higher level nutrients.   So soaking the beans for an extended time as suggested in our instructions significantly increases both the availability of the nutrients and the their quality.   Additionally, an extended soaking removes nearly all of the phytic acid and lectin contained in the beans.   Phytic acid is an anti-nutrient that blocks the uptake of nutrients by our bodies.  Lectin is a powerful inflammatory agent.   So getting rid of these by rinsing after a prolonged soak is very desirable.  Beans that are not extensively soaked and well rinsed before cooking can cause significant gastric disruption due to the phytic acid, insolubles, and gas-producing oligosaccharides.  Avoid chlorinated water when soaking as this causes the seeds bran outer layer to “petrify which may slow or prevent softening.


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