FluBeater™ Survival Kit #2

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This item qualifies for FREE SHIPPING. Our FluBeater™ Survival Kit was developed for our customers who are stuck in their homes during the coronavirus. Every item is made with strictly certified organic ingredients. We’ve selected these items because they all work to help our bodies fend off viral attacks. This kit will help you to be able to stay at home and avoid trips to the grocery store. Its ‘alot’ of food, shelf life is years, and most items require just water.  The picture may not be accurate.  Please refer to the products list in the description.



  1. Seven Bean Soup (12 servings), Vegan
  2. Curried Lentil Soup (10 servings), Vegan, GF
  3. Cranberry Bean Soup (10 servings) Vegan, GF
  4. Ain’t No Chicken™ Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup (10 servings) Vegan, GF
  5. Green Split Pea Soup (12 servings), Vegan, GF
  6. French Green Lentil Soup (10 servings), Vegan, GF
  7. Black Bean Soup (10 servings), Vegan, GF
  8. MountainTop™ Chili Kit (6 servings), Vegan, GF
  9. DeepHoller™ Taco Kit (6 servings), Vegan, GF
  10. Maple Granola Cereal with Berries (16 oz, 1 lb., 9 servings) Vegan
  11. ImmunoGuard™ DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit with Healing Roots (120 servings), V, GF
  12. Elderberry Medicinal Tea – Immune Booster (2 oz., 10 servings), V, GF
  13. Nutty Berry Trail Mix (8 oz, 8 servings), Vegan, GF
  14. Fluzapper™ Herbal Medicinal Tea (1.3 oz., 12 servings), V, GF
  15. Vitamin C Herbal Blaster™ Medicinal Tea (2.3 oz., 8 servings), V, GF
  16. InflammaCure™ Tea (2.4 oz., 15 servings), V, GF
  17. Cinnamon Infused Honey (5.8 oz, ~25 servings)

Call us before you order if you’d like to do some substituting. We’re pretty flexible since the two of us hand make every item.


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