Raw USDA Certified Organic Honey


Raw, unfiltered organic honey. Like all of our products and ingredients, this honey is USDA Certified Organic Honey!  We add nothing to it.

Our USDA certified Organic Honey is from organic certified beehives. These special hives are located in remote regions of Brazil where the honey bees forage on various wildflowers, free from herbicides and pesticides. No chemicals can be used on the hives. This honey tends to be dark in appearance and is very full-flavored.


X-Large is a quart jar and is 3 lb. net wt.

Large is a pint jar and is 1.5 lb net wt.

Don’t throw away your crystallized (solidified) raw honey.  Raw honey will solidify over time and this accelerates at lower temperatures.  Do not refrigerate your honey.  Store it in the pantry or cupboard shelf in a warm place. To re-liquify, place the jar in the warm sunshine, or crack the lid open and place in a pan of warm water (110-120 degrees F is about right).  Your honey will magically turn back to a beautiful brown gold liquid and look like the day you bought it!   This is a Product of Brazil.

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Large, X-large


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